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Sabina Bower
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The days of buying physical budget trackers are OVER! This Notion Budget Tracker will change your life and be your best-budgeting friend.

This BEST SELLING Budget template features:

- Income Tracker

- Spending Tracker

- A wants/needs list

- A reoccurring expenses tracker

- Calendar for your monthly bill due dates

- Sticky note for reminders

- Long Term Goals Tracker

- Articles for financial planning

Perks of having a digital planner?

You can add "collaborators" to your spread so people like your significant other or whoever you want can look at your spending and income to get a better idea of how to save.

You can view and edit it on your iPhone, iPad, and laptop (through safari and application). If you're at the store and you spend an x amount, you can go into the budget and track how much you spent on it then put it on the list immediately without forgetting!

You can keep everything in one place. Forget the days of having papers flying around and having dozens of notes in your notes app. Everything you could ever possibly need is in this ONE planner.

Bonus: It's at an affordable price of 10 dollars compared to physical planners which can cost up to $60 dollars. Save some money, space, and the headache.

Notion ( is easy to use, and acts as an online data base and project management tool. Notion is free for personal use, so there are no additional costs beyond the templates to get your Wedding organized. It is browser based so is compatible with all device types - no worrying if it will work with your computer or phone!

Note: This is a digital file and not a physical item. After purchasing you will receive a link and instructions on how you can add this to your own Notion account for privacy. Notion does offer exporting functionality which will enable you to print if you would like both a digital and physical copy. This is for use by the purchaser only, so PLEASE do not re-sell or distribute.

If you have any questions or concerns about this template, please feel free to reach out. :)

If you'd like me to make you a personalized planner and upload it to my store, I'd love to do that. I charge a 3 dollar fee for customized templates but I always send out coupons to use on my products. Happy Shopping!

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  • Get a Brand New Notion Budget Tracker
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